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Google Lockbox “Secret Spying” Competition and Privacy Concerns Class Action

Google, LLC has access to a lot of customer data resulting from its control of the Android OS for smartphones. Specifically, the complaint for this class action alleges that Google has “an internal secret program” called Android Lockbox that lets it “spy on Android Smartphone users.” Google, the complaint claims, collects extensive personal data on  Read more

Privacy, Antitrust
Your Privacy, Anticompetitive Actions
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Apple Monopoly of App Market for iPhones, iPods, and iPads Class Action

Apple, Inc.’s iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads have a limitation that its computers don’t: They cannot obtain aftermarket apps from any source except Apple. Apple’s monopoly of this market affects consumers, says the complaint for this antitrust class action, because Apple charges a high 30% fee for apps (including in-app purchases). “Consequently,” the complaint alleges,  Read more

Requiring Consumer to Pay Higher Prices, Antitrust
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Viatris and Mylan Epinephine Antitrust and RICO Violations Virginia Class Action

The complaint for this class action opens with the words, “This case presents one of the most egregious examples of corporate greed and malfeasance in our nation’s history.” It alleges that the companies behind EpiPens have violated antitrust laws and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act to maintain a monopoly on the epinephrine  Read more

RICO laws, Pharmaceuticals, Antitrust
Close-Up of Two EpiPens

Viatris, Mylan EpiPen Market Antitrust and RICO Violations Class Action

The sharp rise in the cost of EpiPens has been in the news as an example of the astronomical inflation of the cost of drugs. This case brings antitrust claims against Viatris, Inc. (the successor-in-interest to Mylan, NV), Mylan Specialty, LP, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Heather Bresch, alleging that “millions of American relying on this  Read more

Pharmaceuticals, Antitrust, Anticompetitive Actions
Robert Bosch Headquarters in Germany

Bosch Anti-Competitive Actions on Electronic Braking Systems Class Action

The plaintiffs in this antitrust class action are a group of auto dealerships bringing suit against Robert Bosch GmbH and Robert Bosch, LLC. The complaint alleges that the companies engaged in a conspiracy to raise or fix prices and allocate the market and customers for electronic braking systems in the US. The complaint refers to  Read more

Collusion and Price Fixing, Brakes, Antitrust, Allocation of Customers Territories or the Like
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Amazon Prime, Buy Box, and Fulfillment Antitrust Class Action

The complaint for this antitrust class action claims that Amazon.com, Inc. aspires “to dominate every sector of the economy.” It outlines how Amazon Prime, the Buy Box, and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) have strong-armed its third-party sellers and raised prices for consumers.  Read more

Tying Arrangement, Requiring Consumer to Pay Higher Prices, Antitrust
Zillow Ad: Sky and Tops of Homes

Zillow Funneling of Customers to “Premier Agents” Connecticut Class Action

Zillow’s online platform dominates the market for buying and selling homes. It “purports to make the process of buying and selling residential real estate less complicated and lower priced[,]” says the complaint for this class action. However, the complaint alleges that its power in the market allows it to “tilt the real-world playing field in  Read more

Deceptive Advertising, Antitrust
Growing Sweet Corn

Crop Inputs Antitrust and RICO Class Action

Crop inputs include seeds and the chemicals that protect them, such as fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides. This class action brings suit against four manufacturers, three wholesalers, and a number of retailers alleging violations of antitrust laws and the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act. The defendants include companies like Bayer CropScience Incorporated, Syngenta Corporation,  Read more

RICO laws, Collusion and Price Fixing, Antitrust, Agriculture
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Apple Monopsony for Developers in the Apple App Store Class Action

This antitrust class action alleges that, in the area of game apps, Apple is a massive “monopsony” and “[p]laintiffs and the proposed class members are largely small startups who break their back[s] on Apple’s terms to produce free apps consumed by billions.” Apple, it says, underpays app makers, illegally rejects some of their work, charges  Read more

Monopsony, Monopoly, Antitrust, Anticompetitive Actions
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Valve Corp. Steam Platform Games Anticompetitive Actions Class Action

“Valve Corporation’s Steam platform is the dominant platform for game developers to distribute and sell PC games in the United States[,]” says the first line of the complaint for this class action. But what enables it to keep that dominant position? The complaint alleges that it’s not better pricing or other fair means, but anticompetitive  Read more

Electronic Games, Antitrust, Anticompetitive Actions