BMW Defective Navigation System Malfunction Class Action

This class action alleges that the BMW Navigation System Professional installed in 2012 and 2013 BMW motor vehicles is defective, that BMW has had no fix for the problems, and that BMW concealed this information when marketing and selling the vehicles and navigation system. The lawsuit includes in its class BMW buyers and lessees in Nevada and California.

Plaintiffs claim that, among other problems, the navigation system generates incorrect directions, identifies wrong current locations and points of interest, fails to locate streets and/or addresses, directs drivers to wrong locations, provides length and unnecessary detours and routes, takes the driver in an opposite direction, and suddenly resets.

In vehicle owner manuals, BMW emphasized the reliability of the system, saying, “The navigation system can determine the precise position of the vehicle, with the aid of satellites and vehicle sensors, and can reliably guide you to every entered destination.” However, the plaintiffs claim that the company’s national technical specialists and its various divisions, including sales and after-sales service, knew that the system was defective and that it had no fix for the problems.

Also, almost immediately after the vehicles having this system were released into the market, customers began complaining about the navigation system. The complaint quotes online reviews of the new vehicles praising many features but panning the navigation system. Yet BMW did not inform consumers of the problems with it. When buyers brought their vehicles for repair of the system, BMW failed to fix the problems.

The complaint alleges that the defective navigation system is also a safety hazard. It claims that the system directs drivers to hazardous conditions, distracts or confuses them, directs them to make U-turns in traffic, or otherwise fails to work, placing them at greater risk of accidents.

Plaintiff Morris paid $1,800 for her system, but experienced problems with it the majority of times she used it. On one occasion, the BMW Navigation System led Morris to drive to a wall. Yet BMW refused her request for a refund.

Plaintiff Dutta also has experienced problems the majority of the time that he used the navigation system. On one occasion, it directed him to make a U-turn in the middle of a highway. On another, while the vehicle was sitting in the parking lot of a BMW dealer in North Carolina, Dutta and a BMW service advisor asked the navigation system to find the nearest BMW and were directed to a location in New Jersey. Dutta alleges that his inquiries to BMW have produced no satisfactory replies.

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