Bank of America Illegal Debit Class Action Lawsuit

This lawsuit alleges that Bank oF America, Encore Capital and Asset Acceptance Corp violated various federal laws when Bank of America relying on legacy information about the plaintiffs, began electronically debiting their PNC bank account to pay off a disputed consumer debt.  

The plaintiffs had incurred a consumer debt with Bank of America sometime before June, 2012.  To pay off that debt, the plaintiffs had authorized Bank of America to debt their bank account at PNC Bank on a reoccurring basis.

In June, 2012, the plaintiffs stopped making payments on the debt and revoked their authorization for Bank of America to automatically debit their PNC bank account.  Those electronic debits ceased.

Bank of America sold or somehow transferred the debt to Asset Acceptance who subsequently brought suit in Pennsylvania state court in August, 2013.  Plaintiffs defended that lawsuit which was subsequently dismissed without prejudice. 

Asset Acceptance transferred the debt to Encore Capital.

Beginning in August, 2013, Bank of America began electronically debiting the plaintiffs PNC bank account $100 to satisfy the disputed consumer debt.  Bank of America did so even though the plaintiffs had specifically revoked Bank of America’s authorization to debit the PNC bank account.

The complaint alleges that the plaintiffs spent a good deal of time working with Bank of America to reverse these unauthorized electronic debts, to no avail.

This suit followed.  It alleges violations of a variety of important federal statutes.

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