Adidas Defective Springblade Class Action Lawsuit

This class action alleges that the soles of the Adidas SpringBlade running shoes are defectively designed causing the soles to wear out prematurely.  In a nutshell, the unique design of the sole and the fact that it is glued to the upper, causes the sole to deteriorate faster than commercially reasonable.

Since running shoes are big business, Adidas tried to revolutionize the running shoe industry in 2013 when it introduced the SpringBlade.  What makes the SpringBlade unique is that the sole of the shoe features 16 forward angled blades made of high tech polymer. These blades purport to react to any environment, compressing and releasing energy to create an efficient springy push off.  Think of running on springs.

The design on the SpringBlade is allegedly different in that bottom part of the sole in most sneakers are stitched to the upper part of the sole.  The Spring blade is not stitched at the mid section of the shoe but allegedly glued.  This coupled with the harder nature of the top of the sole combine to cause the sole to wear prematurely.

The complaint is compelling in part because the plaintiff alleges that his shoes began to deteriorate after only one or two runs on a treadmill.

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