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Gatorade Fit Drinks

Gatorade Fit Drinks “Healthy” Claims and Fortification California Class Action

PepsiCo, Inc. offers consumers a line of Gatorade Fit drinks that it claims represent “Real Healthy Hydration” that are an “Excellent Source of Vitamin[s] A & C.” But the complaint … Read more

Unlawful Debt Collection

Person Staggering Under Box Stuffed with Debt Symbols


Hands of Hacker on Keyboard

Volkswagen and Audi Data Breach Settlement

Proof of Purchase? Maybe
Typical Settlement: Varies
Volkswagen Group of America, Inc. and Audi of America, LLC are paying $3.5 million to settle a class action concerning a data breach. The complaint alleged the companies bear responsibility for the cybersecurity incident, which exposed the personal information (PI), such as names, addresses, and email addresses, and sensitive personal information (SPI), such as Social  Read more

Thinx Period Underwear

Thinx Period Underwear PFAS and Anti-Microbial Settlement

Proof of Purchase? No
Typical Settlement: Up to $7 per pair
Thinx, Inc. will be paying at least $4 million and up to $5 million to settle a class action about its Thinx Period Underwear. The complaint made allegations about the presence of short-chain per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in the underwear, the Agion anti-microbial treatment, and the organic cotton line of the underwear.  Read more

Massachusetts State House

Overturned Massachusetts Drug Convictions Settlement

Proof of Purchase? No
Typical Settlement: Varies
In Massachusetts, certain drug convictions were vacated and dismissed due to the misconduct of two former state chemists. The state is now settling a class action alleging that those who made case-related payments in these now-vacated convictions should get refunds and compensation for those payments. Some of the payments are Trial Court case-related payments and  Read more

Menorah Medical Center

Menorah Medical Center Nurses’ Hours FLSA Settlement

Proof of Purchase? No
Typical Settlement: Varies
Midwest Division MMC, LLC is settling a class action pertaining to the wages and hours of registered nurses working at Menorah Medical Center. The complaint alleged that nurses’ reported hours and their pay were improperly reduced, either by the deduction of thirty-minute meal periods that the nurses claimed they had not been able to take  Read more