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L Brands 401(k) Plan Breach of Fiduciary Duty Class Action

Company retirement plans, like 401(k) plans, are governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), and those who handle them are fiduciaries, with the duties of prudence and loyalty … Read more

Unlawful Debt Collection

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Home Defects

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Securities Frauds

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Defective Medical Devices

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Unfair Services

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All Natural Claims

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CR England Trucking Company Telemarketing TCPA Settlement

Proof of Purchase? No
Typical Settlement: TBD
CR England, Inc., a trucking company, is settling a class action alleging it violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The complaint alleged that it sent recruitment text messages to consumer cell phones and continued to send them after the cell phone owners texted, “Stop” or the like.  Read more

Smartphone Screen with App Logos, Including FaceTime

Apple FaceTime Interference California Settlement

Proof of Purchase? No
Typical Settlement: TBD
Apple, Inc. is settling a class action alleging that it allowed FaceTime to stop working on iPhone 4 and 4S models with earlier operating systems. The complaint claimed that Apple committed trespass to chattels when it allowed a security certificate to expire on April 16, 2014, which made FaceTime stop working unless the phone owner  Read more

Grange Name and Logo

Grange Insurance Companies Sales Tax, Fees on ACV Settlement

Proof of Purchase? No
Typical Settlement: Varies
A settlement has been reached in a class action against Grange Indemnity Insurance Company, Grange Insurance Company (formerly, Grange Mutual Casualty Company), Grange Property and Casualty, and Trustgard Insurance Company. The class action alleged that the companies did not pay insureds who submitted physical damage claims the full actual cash value (ACV) of totaled vehicles.  Read more

Big Fish Casino Game Image

Big Fish Casino and Slots Games Settlement

Proof of Purchase? No
Typical Settlement: Varies
A settlement has been reached in two class actions against Big Fish Games, Inc., Churchill Downs, Incorporated, Aristocrat Technologies, Inc., and Aristocrat Leisure, Ltd. and certain of their gambling games. The complaints claimed that the sale of virtual chips in Big Fish Casino, Jackpot Magic Slots, and Epic Diamond Slots violated gambling laws in the  Read more