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Bag of Yumions

Yumions “Onion Snacks” Real Onion Content Multi-State Class Action

Yumions are “crunchy onion snacks,” says the front of the bag, under 7-Eleven, Inc.’s 7-Select brand. But are they truly made from onions? The complaint for this class action alleges … Read more

Unlawful Debt Collection

Ball and Chain Labeled


Merlex Stucco on Building

Merlex Stucco Rust Spot Settlement

Proof of Purchase? Maybe
Typical Settlement: Varies
This settlement resolves a class action against Merlex Stucco, Inc. The complaint alleged that the stucco is defective because it contains deposits of iron, which show themselves eventually as rust spots.  Read more

Reader's Digest Cover

Trusted Media Brands Automatic Magazine Renewal Settlement

Proof of Purchase? No
Typical Settlement: TBD
Trusted Media Brands offers magazine subscriptions, and it is settling a California class action related to automatic magazine subscription renewals. The complaint alleged that the company signed consumers up for automatic renewals of their subscriptions without presenting the offer in the clear and conspicuous manner required by the California Automatic Renewal Law. It also claims  Read more

Fingerprint Scan

ADP Timeclock and Biometrics BIPA Settlement

Proof of Purchase? No
Typical Settlement: Est. $250
ADP, LLC is settling a class action alleging that it violated the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) when it took finger and hand scans from employees in Illinois for use in its timekeeping system. BIPA mandates that private companies fulfill certain requirements before collecting, storing, or using individuals’ biometric data, such as providing them  Read more

Screen with Lit Rows of Numbers and Words "Data Breach" and "Cyber Attack"

21st Century Oncology Customer Data Breach Settlement

Proof of Purchase? Maybe
Typical Settlement: Varies
21st Century Oncology Investments, LLC and 21st Century Oncology of California are settling a class action regarding a data breach in their systems announced March 2016. The data breach occurred on or around October 3, 2015 and exposed the personally identifiable information and protected health information of around 2.2 million patients. The complaint alleged that  Read more