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Shadowy Figure in Hoodie at Computer

OneTouchPoint West, CareSource Data Breach Class Action

Medical entities must take care in protecting their systems, as they are prime targets for hackers and identity thieves. This class action brings suit against OneTouchPoint West Corp. (OTP), CareSource, … Read more

Unlawful Debt Collection

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Hand Being Scanned

Jame Roll Form Biometric Privacy BIPA Settlement

Proof of Purchase? Not at this time
Typical Settlement: Est. $275-$400
Jame Roll Form Products, LLC, which does business as Venus Processing & Storage, Inc., is settling an Illinois class action alleging it violated the state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) with its finger scanning timekeeping system. The complaint alleged that Jame Roll had violated the law by collecting, storing, or using biometrics without first providing  Read more

Canadian Ford Factory

Ford Canada and Vehicles Bought or Leased in California Antitrust Settlement

Proof of Purchase? Not at this time
Typical Settlement: Varies
Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited will pay $82 million as the final settling party of a very large antitrust case after almost nineteen years of litigation. There have been three prior settlements in this case. The complaint alleged that car makers and a trade association conspired to prevent closely similar but less expensive cars,  Read more

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PCS Revenue Control Systems Data Breach Settlement

Proof of Purchase? Yes
Typical Settlement: Varies
PCS Revenue Control Systems, Inc. is paying more than a million dollars to settle a class action about a data breach that took place in its systems between May 19, 2017 and December 19, 2019. The complaint alleged the company did not take adequate measures to protect the personally identifiable information (PII) in its care,  Read more

Luminox Watch Series 3000:3900

Lumondi Watch Fogging Settlement

Proof of Purchase? Yes
Typical Settlement: Extended Warranty or Replacement
Lumondi, Inc. is settling a class action about certain models of its Luminox watches, which the complaint alleged were advertised as designed for military service members, scuba divers, first responders, athletes and “rugged outdoorsmen” who want “extreme performance.” The complaint claimed that the inside of the watch crystal fogs when the watch is exposed to  Read more