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Think! High Protein Bar, Chunky Peanut Butter

Think! Protein Bars Contain GMOs Class Action

Glanbia Performance Nutrition, Inc., which does business as think!, makes nutritional protein bars. The complaint for this class action alleges that all of the bars sold in the US are … Read more

Unlawful Debt Collection

Person Holding Open Empty Wallet


Front of a Walmart Store

Walmart Prepaid Wireless Telecommunications Charge Missouri Settlement

Proof of Purchase? No
Typical Settlement: $3-$20
Walmart is paying $600,000 to settle a class action alleging that Walmart for a time over-collected Prepaid Wireless Telecommunications Service Charges (PWTSC). The complaint alleges Walmart charged too much on retail purchases made in Missouri stores of prepaid phone or data minutes, by cards, electronically, or by other methods.  Read more

Freedom Mortgage Corporation Logo

Freedom Mortgage Automatic Inspections Settlement

Proof of Purchase? No
Typical Settlement: Varies
Freedom Mortgage Corporation has agreed to settle a class action alleging it improperly or unnecessarily charged borrowers fees for property inspections. The complaint alleged it charged the fees for property inspections when mortgages it serviced were delinquent or in default.  Read more

Fire Damage to Building Interior

Truck Insurance Exchange General Contractor Payments Settlement

Proof of Purchase? Yes
Typical Settlement: Varies
This settlement resolves a class action against Truck Insurance Exchange, Farmers Insurance Exchange, Fire Insurance Exchange, Mid-Century Insurance Company, and Farmers Insurance Company of Arizona, on the issue of general contractor’s overhead and profit (GCOP) charges. The complaint alleged that, under certain commercial and residential insurance policies, Farmers was required to pay GCOP as part  Read more

Representation of Raydon Tank Training

Raydon Employee Stock Ownership Plan ERISA Settlement

Proof of Purchase? No
Typical Settlement: Varies
This settlement resolves a class action against Raydon Corporation, the ESOP Committee of the Raydon Corporation Employee Stock Ownership Plan, Lubbock National Bank, and other parties over a 2015 transaction in which the ESOP bought 100% of the shares of Raydon, including shares purchased from the former owners, their relatives, and their family trusts. The  Read more